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Ensuring top quality and safety is incredibly important to us, especially when dealing with such delicate natural products. We always strive to present our clients with premium quality, and that is why we implement an integrated quality management system to match our quality policy.
Our facilities are organically certified and audited by accredited certification bodies. In addition to that, all our raw materials are tested for pesticides through accredited laboratories for plant analysis.

Our Quality management system

From farm to finished product


Our agronomists on site inspect the whole cultivation process until the harvest phase. During the drying process, they inspect the raw material in terms of moisture & quality to make sure the raw material delivered to the factory is up to the standard. More over on a regular basis the soil and irrigation water are tested prior the cultivation takes place.

Raw Material

Once the raw material arrives to our factory, it is inspected sensorially by the quality team and then analyzed by external accredited laboratories. We do not release the raw material for processing until we make sure the results comply with the specification required.


We process our raw material very carefully, to prevent any cross-contamination, therefore we have separated our production area into processing chambers. Every step of the way the product is monitored regularly, inspected by our QA team for continuous improvement. To ensure top quality in production we apply the HACCP concept which we have defined for our internal quality management system

Finished Product

Samples of the finished goods are retained as a reference for 2 years in order to track any dispatched goods. Prior export the goods are tested thoroughly and a sample is kept from each and every container